Our Promise


  • We understand if you might have mixed feelings about leaflet distribution. You can see how there might be risks, but we thought that we’d try to help put your mind at rest by telling you a little more about our distributors and how they work.
  • We always keep up to date with what our distributors are doing and where they are. We also give them a call every few hours to verify how far along they are with their round and how things are going and we ask that they keep their mobile phone with them, on and fully charged at all times. This way there is twice the security and we know exactly where our distributors are and their progress.
  • We ask our distributors to respect the privacy of the people who live in the properties that we deliver to. Through past experience of having leaflets delivered personally, we find that a distributor who looks into our windows as they distribute is incredibly off-putting and this can have downsides which can in some ways come back to the client who’s leaflets are being distributed. . A lot of people will think that it’s the company itself delivering the leaflets and so will complain directly to them, rather than the distribution company.
  • We also request that the distributors respect properties which contain a sticker on the window asking for no leaflets to be delivered. This ensures that there will be no complaints.
  • We ask our distributors that they close gates as they leave them and always make sure wherever possible that the letterbox they have posted through is shut. As well as this we request that, upon walking down the street or the drive way of a property that they keep a clear distance between themselves and parked vehicles to insure that there is no damage made to your potential customers vehicles.
  • We have found that whilst leaflets are being distributed, people will either answer the door to get them from the distributor or that people will talk to them in the street about what they are advertising. As an additional service to you, we ask our distributors if they could take a read through the leaflets they are distributing so if they are asked about them, they know what to say, rather than just telling your potential customers that they don’t know. This adds a personal level to our deliveries.
  • Our distributors are asked to push your leaflets through letterboxes in the best condition possible. This may involve folding the leaflet gently in half for less forgiving letterboxes, but we ask that our distributors take their time about posting leaflets through much harsher boxes, such as cast iron ones, as they can very easily rip leaflets. This way your leaflet will hit the floor of your potential customer, in the best condition possible.

I hope this information has been helpful in the  way that we conduct ourselves.

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Our Promise
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