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For all your postering needs at the Edinburgh Fringe
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With more than 3000 shows this year at the Ednburgh Fringe it is important to be visible around town. We will ensure that your posters are on display in key positons for every day of your performance.
We offer a service to all the shows perform at the Edinburgh Fringe. For £15 per day we will post your posters in the prime locations in city centre Edinburgh. As this is the largest festival in the world the competition is great, so it is necessary that new posters are posted every day.

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-Poster Placement

We will post your posters in the most popular locations in the centre of Edinburgh, close to the major venues for the Ednburgh Fringe

The daily rate for poster placement is £15. For the £15 we will place 30 of your A3 posters in the prime locations in and around Fringe venues.

We also offer a budget service for £7.50 per day. Please contact us for details.
We supply daily photo verification via email so that you can see where your posters are being placed.

The Locations

Holyrood Rd
Pleasance Courtyard                                     
The Royal Mile
George Sq
Bisto Sq
Lothian Rd
The Meadows

-Free Fringe

We understand that budgets are tight for all performers at the Ediburgh Fringe and this is especially so for the Free Fringe.
At the Free Fringe we can place your posters in all the other Free Fringe venues. As these posters are inside they tend to stay up much longer than the street postering.
The service we offer is to place 30 posters in Free Fringe venues. This can be done prior to the start of the festival.

-Budget £4 Digital Flyer Distribution

For £4 per Hour we will distribute flyers for you at the The Foot of the Mound by the Half Price Hut.

  • Flyer distributors will engage with the public in the queue for the half price hut. They will ask customers about the type of shows that they are interested in and recommend shows to them.
  • If you have video clips of performances they will show these to customers while they are waiting in the queue. 

-Flyer Distribution

We leaflet for shows on the Royal Mile. For peace of mind you can watch your leaflets being distributed via a live feed that can be viewed on a PC or mobile device.

The cost of leaflet distribution is £10 p/hr

We can flyer in other locations or close to your venue.

-Venue Exit Leafleting

For £10 per person per show we will leaflet when customers are leaving the larger shows at the Edinburgh Fringe. 

For a full list of shows that we will be leafleting at please contact us. 

email: ukleaflets@gmail.com 

call: 07486064340

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